A Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture case

It is not just about a beautiful face Beauty is not in the face;Beauty is a light in the heart. Kahlil Gibran I do believe what Gibran said and I have to confess that I used to not highly value facial treatments. What convinced me to start performing facial cosmetic acupuncture treatments was the realisation … Read More

5 + 1 FAQ about the needles used in acupuncture:

One of the most usual phobias of people is the fear of needles. When I meet someone and they ask what I do, I answer that I am a psychotherapist, a masseur and an acupuncturist. I like to observe their facial micro-expressions. The initial interest gives it’s place to a smile of pleasure, only for … Read More

A blog about Psychological, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health.

Welcome… I am Efthymios Foteinos and this is my blog. Welcome on board. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful. Every post will include information and/or advice in regards to physical, mental and emotional health, based on my studies in Psychotherapy, Chinese Medicine and Massage. Prevention, the best cure As the father of … Read More