Foteinos Therapeutis

My name is Efthymios Foteinos, and I am specialized in PsychotherapyAcupuncture, and Chinese Medicine.

My goal is to help you, through my skills, to get to know yourself better, as well as how the emotional and psychological world affects your body. 

Often, physical pain, as well as various psychosomatic symptoms stem from our unconscious. 

I am helping people who have experienced abuse (physical, emotional, and/or sexual) to heal their Traumas, which are often manifested as unpleasant feelings or psychosomatic symptoms in the body.

My approach focuses on providing effective care perfectly adapted to your needs, with the ultimate goal not of temporary but the total and in depth treatment of your problem, through PsychotherapyAcupunctureChinese Medicine, or a combination of them, to achieve the best result.

I work with the person and not the problem, focusing on the cause and not the symptom.

Ευθύμης Φωτεινός Θεραπευτής

Areas we can help

Psychosomatic Diseases

Our body is inextricably linked with our emotions and mind. Often, we experience symptoms in the body that are affected by emotional states and there is no medical cause. That is when we say that the disease is psychosomatic.

Stress / Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are conditions that we have all experienced and many of their symptoms are common. Stress is our body’s reaction to an external threat, while anxiety is our reaction to stress and often the causes are internal.

Digestive system disorders

Stress affects the balance of intestinal flora and bowel motility. When it slows down, we experience swelling, pain and constipation, and otherwise, diarrhea.


The relationship with oneself is a long-term process and the more someone puts in, the more it gives back. To respect yourself is to actually love yourself.


Chinese Medicine and acupuncture help with infertility by trying to fully balance your body so that you feel an improvement in your overall health, energy and emotions.

Weight loss

Acupuncture can help with weight loss by regulating hormone production, optimizing metabolism and digestion while reducing inflammation, appetite and water retention.


Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can restore balance to the quality and quantity of sleep. Our spirit and its calm is directly related to our ability to sleep well.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are treated at three levels. First we identify the emotional triggers that initiated them. Then with acupuncture we bring the energy back into balance so that, finally, the body comes out of the state of flight or fight and into rest.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a very serious issue that plagues society these days, especially among the female population and unfortunately from quite a young age. The combination of treatment on an emotional, mental and energetic level has very positive results.

Relationship Problems

Nowadays, few people start a relationship knowing themselves. Knowing their light and dark sides. If one does not love oneself, how can they accept, how can they love and allow themselves to be loved by someone else?

Bereavement Management

We mourn when a loved one passes away or is no longer in our lives. We mourn people, animals, and anything else we love that is no longer here, like an activity, a skill, a dream, an expectation, a plan. Death has many faces and it is important to learn to say goodbye.

Smoking Cessation

Acupuncture slows the body’s stress response, which reduces your nicotine cravings, especially in the early stages of quitting, when you experience fatigue and irritability. The body learns to rest, relax and breathe deeply.

Our approach to Health

Health is defined as the absence of disease. It is a total physical, mental, emotional, and social state of well-being, in which people are happy, functional, and without anything to hold them back. 

In addition, healthy is a person who has no physical pain, knows how to support and take care of oneself, sleeps well, their organs function harmoniously, finds meaning in their life, and maintains certain strong, deep, and true relationships.