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Life: A Great School

Everyone has heard that life is a big school. We say this expression often in our daily lives. But how many of us understand it deep in its essence? I personally had the idea that we are coming to be healed. But for treatment we go to the hospital, not to school. So what is … Read More

Relationships that last, love despite…

Love is addictive! Like sweet wine, it intoxicates us. Love is a firework. Like a firework, it is spectacular, captivating and short-lasting. In this intoxicating time, everything is perfect. We think about them night and day, we dream with our eyes open, we feel butterflies in our stomach, we smile for no apparent reason, we … Read More

Addiction: Is it the problem or the symptom?

We all have addictions. Some affect us only a little in everyday life, while others reduce our functionality significantly, to the point that they make life difficult for ourselves and those around us. We tend to see our addictions as problems that need to be solved. But are they? Are they the problem or a … Read More

What do you see?

“Reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know.” -Alan Watts What we see in a picture like a Rorschach test, shows a lot about us. The same stands for anything that happens in life, from history, to incidents, to people and our relationship with them. We constantly project our hopes, our imagination, our feelings. It’s … Read More

When things are difficult, who will come to our rescue?

At a time when no one knows what dawns on us, if we will be able to move freely on the streets, how many vaccines we will need to do to return to normalcy and if it will ever come, as we once knew, two years ago, there will surely be effects on our psychology. … Read More

Pain – What is it telling us?

The International Association for the Study of Pain re-defined pain in 2020 as: “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage”*. But what is pain’s purpose? The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association** states that “Pain is a universal experience that serves the vital function … Read More

Have you been infected with Covid-19, mentally?

Another lockdown is in place and people are not happy. Personal freedom is injured and supressed for the greater good. Spreading the virus is terrible and the cases have been rising after the summer, that much is true. Who is thinking about the mental virus that made its appearance just after Covid-19? This virus I … Read More

Mental health in the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 has affected us all in many ways and maybe still does. How has it affected our mental health though? For sure many of us initially showed denial, not wanting to believe the bad news or maybe as a reaction in the drastic changes this virus was about to bring in our lives. very change … Read More

What Qi?

I have to start this blog with a statement: I like science, I want to understand the “why”and the “how”things work. So, how come you are an acupuncturist, you will ask, very rightly. Well, I also love to help people. I studied psychotherapy and then massage and while practicing, I felt that there were many … Read More

Can acupuncture help you to quit smoking – and other bad – habits?

Many people have linked acupuncture as a means to stop smoking. Although acupuncture can be helpful with a variety of issues (musculoskeletal, pains, digestive, hormonal, emotional problems), it is mostly known as a treatment that helps people to quit smoking. And it is true, it can help a great deal! However, the person needs to … Read More