The First Session

What I have to expect during the first session?

During the first treatment, information is gathered about your symptoms, your medical and family history, lifestyle, quality of sleep, eating habits, the process of digestion, your medical and family history and more, with the aim of the clean and complete diagnosis as well as the creation of an individualized treatment plan, according to your individual needs.

We will then measure your pulse, followed by a simple and brief examination of your tongue, both of which are useful diagnostic tools.  Then, specific points will be palpated to determine their degree of sensitivity and finally the first treatment will be applied.

The duration of the first session usually lasts 90′.

At the next appointments, before your treatment, there is a discussion about the progress you have had and the issues you will need help on that day.

It may be necessary to remove some clothes, but you will always be covered by a blanket or towel, leaving only the area that needs intervention exposed.