Life: A Great School

Everyone has heard that life is a big school. We say this expression often in our daily lives.

But how many of us understand it deep in its essence? I personally had the idea that we are coming to be healed.

But for treatment we go to the hospital, not to school. So what is life, a hospital or a school?

In this life, we humans can have any problem imaginable. Some issues we come with and others manifest along the way.

Fear of death, abandonment, loss, fear that people will not love us, beliefs that we are not worthy, that the world is bad, low self-esteem and self-confidence, pain, anger, sadness, mourning, shock, deep trauma of all kinds.

If I break my leg, I will go to the hospital, they will put my bone in its place, I will put it in a cast and in about a month I will probably be fine. Healed.

In my experience, the same is not true for the fear of loss.

There is no pill. There is no plaster.

But there is a long learning process.

I am learning how to look at this issue from a different perspective.

A common attitude is that of the victim, in which I am helpless, things happen to me and I suffer. Where does this road lead? In a place of empowerment, peace and happiness or in further weakness?

Another attitude is where I take responsibility for my life, my choices, I regard things as they are and from now on I see what I can do to change them, if I do not like the present situation.

This view is not easier or harder, better or worse. It’s just different.

Mesogeion Avenue is no better than Vouliagmeni Avenue. It’s just a different road and leads to different places.

The same goes for our choices.

The same thing happens with our attitudes.

We are like heroes of a video game.

Until now I thought we were passing levels and the game ends when we are healed.

We probably pass a level when we have learned the lesson it has to give us.

Do you remember from school the process of learning a lesson? How many times did it take to repeat until a deep understanding came? Until you can go and write excellently in the exam? Until you can explain it simply to others?

Einstein used to say that you really know something when you can explain it in a very simple way to someone else.

Maybe when we get to know our issues on such a level, they will not be painful, they will not determine our lives as when they operate in the unconscious. Maybe then, we see ourselves with compassion and love.

Lastly, this process is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

In practice, our core issues remain with us. We change and the way we manage them.