Our approach to Health

Health is defined as the absence of disease. It is a total physical, mental, emotional, and social state of well-being, in which people are happy, functional, and without anything to hold them back. 

In addition, healthy is a person who has no physical pain, knows how to support and take care of oneself, sleeps well, their organs function harmoniously, finds meaning in their life, and maintains certain strong, deep, and true relationships.

Finally, the one who has known oneself and feels happy.

Health thrives when the mind, body, and emotion are in harmony. Any imbalance occurs with multiple symptoms, that manifest themselves both in the physical body and in mental and emotional health.

The first step in treating a problem is the recognition of its existence, and then the answer to the questions of how and why it manifested itself and affected the well-being of the person. 

Addressing the cause of an imbalance usually helps to solve multiple symptoms that stem from it and manifest in both physical, emotional and mental health. We firmly believe that these three factors are interrelated.

We look at the person as a whole and do not follow the trend, where the treatment focuses solely on the symptoms (e.g., pain). Our goal is to help all our clients regain their health at all levels, physical, emotional, and mental, using a multitude of techniques and skills from Psychotherapy and Counseling, to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.