Have you been infected with Covid-19, mentally?

Another lockdown is in place and people are not happy.

Personal freedom is injured and supressed for the greater good.

Spreading the virus is terrible and the cases have been rising after the summer, that much is true.

Who is thinking about the mental virus that made its appearance just after Covid-19?

This virus I am talking about is fear.

The fear of dying, the fear for our loved ones’ lives, the fear of our financial and economical status, the fear that this new reality will not ever leave us, so that we can go back to our normal routine.

People are scared and the number of cases from this virus are much much higher than those of Corona.

What happens when one is scared for their life?

Their organism enters the “survival” mode.

Then, high qualities like love and humanity and inspiration go out of the window. The animalistic nature takes over. I need to survive, whatever it takes.

The mind and the body are one.

When the mind is stressed, hormones are released and the body stresses as well.

And when the body suffers and one feels pain, or heaviness, without energy, lethargic, the mood of the person worsens.

It is a vicious cycle.

And it starts with fear.

What is the medicine to this disease?

The things that make us humans.

Connect deeper with your loved ones.

Get inspired by arts. Movies, music, paintings, poetry, literature… Whatever speaks to you.

Keep moving. We are 70% water. When water doesn’t move, it goes stale, then mouldy. Go for a walk in nature. The fluids in your body, the blood and the energy will move and you will feel better.

Breath deeply. The cleaner the air that you breath, the better.

And ask for help.

These are dark times.

It might be a friend, a family member, a partner or a mental health specialist like me.

We need to speak about the emotions that are intense and trouble us. This way we can understand them better and we can take back the control of our life.